Street Fighter 3 - 3rd Strike online

Author: Capcom

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Game stats:
Played: 572 times
- Shift to enter credits.
- Enter to start.
- Arrow keys to move and jump.
- Z, X, C, A, S, D, Q , W, E to attack.
Street Fighter 3 - 3rd Strike fight for the future is the last instalment of the SF3 series that can be played online freely here on our dedicated fighting games portal.
, Being one of the most revered, deep, and sophisticated fighting games of all time attracted millions of fans word wide so get ready for tons of action. Hit the start button, choose your favorite character and let the tournament begin. Fight each opponent and build your way up till the Master Street Fighter title gets in your hand

Game Features:
-Each player gets evaluated afeter each match.
- The old style bonus level of destroying a car is now available again.
- New game mechanics such as Guard parry are introduced for the fist time.

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