World of Fighters Iron Fist

Author: Danygames

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Game stats:
Played: 378 times
Arrow keys to move across the scene.
Z, X - Attack.
C- Defend
Step into the dangerous world of World of Fighters: Iron Fists - a captivating 3D fighting game set in an unsafe urban environment. The streets are plagued by gangs and street thugs, but the time for change has arrived. Your team, known as the Iron Fists, operates beyond the boundaries of the law to bring order to the disorder. As the night falls, you become the law, and it is your responsibility to purge the city of its criminal elements, overthrow the bosses, and rise as the ultimate street champion. Prepare yourself for thrilling battles, high-stakes challenges, and non-stop action in World of Fighters: Iron Fists!
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Game Features:
- Realistic and polished graphics.
- Two game modes to choose from.
- Unlock more characters.

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