Martial Arts Fighter Duel

Author: RHM Interactive

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Game stats:
Played: 877 times
Instructions:W,A,S,D - to move, jump and crouch.
F,G,H - punch.
V,B,N - kick.
Martial Arts Fighters Duel is a one vs one karate tournament game where sportsmen from 17 different countries compete against each other in one of the thoughest competitions in the world. Choose your favourite player and get ready to feel the adrenaline rush. Be prepared to use your martial arts skills to their maximum and have a clear strategy in order to win every match. Trow fists and kicks do combo hits and avoid getting knocked down by your opponent. Win 2 rounds in a row to proceed to next stage and build your way up to the grand master title.
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Game Features:
-Modern 3D realistic graphics.
- Different environments where the tournament takes place.
- 3 different playing options to choose from.

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