Street Shadow Classic Fighter

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Game stats:
Played: 707 times
Arrow keys to move.
Z, X - attack.
Space - jump.
Street Shadow Classic Fighter is an exciting game you can play both on your mobile phone or PC. It is really fun and you might get hooked! The game is all about fighting with your fists and legs against tough opponents. As you play, the missions get harder and push you to use your fighting skills and think strategically. Street Shadow Classic Fighter has lots of different missions, so you will not get bored. Each mission has a different goal, like saving people, defeating bosses, or sneaking into enemy places. The game is addictive because it feels so real when you fight. You can do cool combos, special moves, and awesome jumps. It is easy to control and you will feel powerful as you punch, kick, and use special abilities to defeat your enemies.

Game Features:
- Great looking graphics.
- Combo hits and extra special moves.
- 2 game modes to choose from

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