Total Smashout

Author: David Strachan and Dex Cimino

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Game stats:
Played: 1496 times
A or D to move
SpaceBar - use weapon 1.
E - use weapon 2.
Total Smashout is a simple and fun wrestling game where you need to push your opponent out of the ring in order to win the match and advance to the next level. If you manage to put your opponent out of the ring then you are victorious and you also win credits that can be spent to buy various upgrades or weapons that will help you on your way inside the fighting tournament.
Another cool game by the same author that can be played on our website can be found here: Iron Snout

Game Features:
- Addictive and simple game play.
- Buil in downloadable version for mobile devices.
- Built in worldwide hall of fame score board.

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