X-Men vs Street Fighter


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Played: 7423 times
Space Bar to introduce credits.
Enter to start.
S, D, F - attack 1.
X, C, V - attack 2.
X-Men vs Street Fighter is a cross over arcade fighting game between two of the most popular titles from the golden age of retro gaming: Marvel's X-Men and Street Fighter 2. The gameplay is similar to SF2, yet this time there is a tag team fight system involved as each player selects two characters and can switch between them at any time during the one vs one match. The special attacks and combo hits are performed by using a unique combination of keys for each character so it might take a while to memorize it all. The game also introduces the Hyper Combo, a combination of multiple strikes performed really fast that induces a great amount of damage for the opponent, yet in order to be able to use it you need your Combo Gauge to be full.

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