City fighter vs Street Gang


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Game stats:
Played: 716 times
Arrow keys to move inside the scene.
Z, X to attack.
Embark on an epic martial arts journey with City Fighter vs Street Gang, where you can immerse yourself in a thrilling combat adventure. This karate game offers a sensational fighting experience, allowing you to unleash your heroic skills against the street gang. Engage in intense battles in various dynamic arenas, immersing yourself in a world of action and excitement. Prepare to enter the realm of city-wide fighting games and martial arts competitions, where skilled city warriors master different disciplines. Also keep in mind that you can unlock and upgrade a diverse roster of fighters, each with unique abilities and fighting styles, adding depth and strategy to your battles.

Game Features:
- Polished graphics and realistic looking characters.
- Different game modes to choose from.
- Smooth controls that help you perform combo hits.

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